Bar Menu


Pineapple rum with pineapple juice, mixed in with blue curacao topped oof with Myers rum.

Lime, fresh mint, sour mix and rum.

Coconut rum, pineapple rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, topped off with greandine.

Orange Juice, tequila topped off with grenadine.

Vodka, Half & Half and Kahlua.

Mix of orange and pineapple juice, vodka and peach snaps topped off with grenadine.

Tequila, Clamatio juice, Tapatio hot sauce, fresh lime juice with worcestershire sauce, black pepper and salt.

Vodka, Clamato juice, Tabasco hot sauce, fresh lime juice, black pepper and salt.

Grapefruit jarrito mixed with Hornito`s tequila topped with freshly squeezed lime and salt.

Taditional long island ice te, topped off with blue curacao.

Mix of pineapple, grapefruit and orange juice with rum and topped off with grenadine.

Our own récipe that includes 7 different types of liquor, with a Pineapple and cranberry base, topped off with a flaming lime.

Long Island Ice Tea

Gin, vodka, tequila, triple sec, rum, sour mix, topped off with coke.

Bob Marley

Orange juice, vodka, Blue curacao, topped off with Myer`s rum.


Tradicional rum flavored frozen drinks. (Strawberry, raspberry, peach & mango)

Frozen coconut and pineapple flavored rum.


Pick any 2 flavors from strawberry, raspberry, lime, peach and mango.

op shelf margarita mixed in with corona

Freshly squeezed traditional margarita and premium liquor (ask server for more details)

Traditional top shelf with premium tequila.

(Any flavor $.99 more) Premade traditional lime margarita

Italian liquor top shelf margarita (ask server for more details)

Your choice of any premium tequila, patron citron, mixed with sweet and sour, blue curacao and a splash of Chamboard.

Tropical flavored margarita.

Top Shelf Tequila, orange liquor, fresh squeezed orange juice and lime juice.


Vodka and green olives juice.

Cranberry vodka, patron tequila and splash of grenadine.

Vodka, cranberry and splach of grenadine.

Layered black raspberry liquor with melon midori & jager.

Vodka, godiva dark & white chocolate liqueur with house chocolate abuelita syrup for the perfect touch.


(Layered) Sprite and Tequila.

Homemade sangrita with fresh oyster in the bottom.

Crown royal mixed with cranbery juice and peach snaps.

(Layeres) Patron xoxo and bailyes.

(Layered) Butterscotch snaps and bailyes.

Jagermaister and redbull.

Southern comfort, grenadine, coke and amaretto.

Vodka and frangelico.

Vodka, leon juice and triple sec.

Vodka, triple sec and lemos juice (any flavor)

(Layered) Tequila, Kahlua and sprite.

Layered grenadine, crème de coco and midori topped with flaming Bacardi 151.